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HOLD SA Leaders Retreat & Workshop

9 Jun 2024 , 10 am to 4:30pm , Holy Trinity Church/Hall at 3 James St Para hills


Last 9th June 2024, Sunday, about 17 ladies gathered from HOLD SA and a couple from CFCA wives to help them thrive as leaders.  All of the talks in this workshop were taken from the website and edited to suit the needs of handmaid leaders.

The workshop started with a mass at 10am then followed by first talk on Healthy Habits for Lasting Ministry and was given by our CFCA PCS Coordinator, Vilma Faustorilla.  Vilma is a great example for us having served the community for more than 30 years.    She has given us practical ways to develop healthy habits for our body and soul to enable us to serve for the long haul.  Indeed, a lot of us benefitted from her great talk.

The second talk consisted of 3 short videos from a psychologist, Dr Sue Edwards. She talked about empowering leaders on how to deal with conflict based on biblical principles within our ministry and our personal lives.  The feedback that I got from leaders after watching these videos - they realised they are not alone and that this conflict happens in other countries, other ministries.  We need to understand that the more influential you are as a leader, the more conflict you’ll experience. That means we need to fight right, prepare for it, be aware of women’s tendencies in the midst of conflict and follow Matthew 18:15-22 to achieve peace and harmony within us and our ministry.

Along with the second talk, leaders formed 3 groups and each group role played a scenario given to them on how to handle a particular conflict. It was effective in getting the message across and at the same time fun for the leaders.

The last talk was all about understanding ways to help us grow and thrive as leaders within our HOLD ministry.  This talk was given by Margarita McMahon.  She summarised and consolidated all things heard from the leaders & speakers and made this talk an interactive teaching.  This enabled the participants to share their personal experience about the topic.  The 3 key characteristics to thrive as leaders are humility, servanthood and perseverance.  These 3 will help us transform to be a better servant leader.  

We ended our leaders workshop with a praise song and a closing prayer by Angela Zakarias.

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