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Pastoral Care and Support

One of the pillars of the CFCA community is Pastoral Care and Support (PCS), formerly known as the Pastoral Formation Office (PFO). Its main objectives are to empower our leaders in providing pastoral care and support to their respective members and help them become effective leaders and shepherds to the flock the Lord has entrusted to them.
To this end, the PCS commits itself to strengthening and hastening the spiritual growth of leaders and members in their faith journey here in our CFCA community. In partnership with the elders and leaders of CFCA, PCS ensures that the relevant formation teachings, trainings and courses available are conducted and followed. It also develops and provides other pastoral materials and resources necessary to support the growing evangelistic army of CFCA.
In CFCA we provide pastoral care and support to our leaders and members through the Households, pastoral formation teachings, trainings, assemblies, community gatherings and one-on-one between leaders and members. We also help develop and encourage the use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to support them in their spiritual growth.
The PCS organises the quarterly PFTs including the topics and speakers and provides the talks for CFCA’s annual Evangelisation Rally, Leaders Forum and National Conference.

The work of PCS is managed, directed and guided by its service structure emanating from the CFCA National Council. The National PCS Team is composed of the following CFCA Leaders:

PCS Director:                                        JOJO & NORIE FAJARDO
National PCS Coordinator:                  NOLI & MINDA ROBLES
Area PCS Coordinators:
        New South Wales:                        NOLI & MINDA ROBLES
        Queensland:                                 MITCH & JEANETTE ESPARES
        South Australia:                            FRANCIS & VILMA FAUSTORILLA
        Tasmania:                                     TONY & HEIDI PORTUGAL
        Victoria:                                        BONG & MARLA SALES
        Western Australia:                       TUTUS & JOYCE d’BAYAN
Family Ministry PCS Coordinators:     CHOON & CECILIA KWA
HOLD PCS Coordinator:                      (Vacant)
Cluster PCS Coordinators:
         For NSW:                                      NOE & MELY ADAN
                                                              MORIE & EVIE BALISBISAN
                                                              BERT & LORIE SACRIZ

The National PCS team is the body that develops the annual goals, objectives, plans and strategies of the PCS Ministry in accordance with the goals, objectives, plans and activities set by the CFCA National Council. The members of the National PCS team work closely with their respective Area Leaders to ensure that timely and adequate support are given to all CFCA leaders and members.

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