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Your continued support helps alleviate the struggles and difficulties experienced by our less fortunate brethren. Donate now as each act of love, kindness and generosity can make a difference to the lives of those struggling poverty and neglect.

Love in Action​

​Love in Action (LIA) is the charitable arm of the CFCA community in response to Jesus’ call to “bring glad tidings to the poor”. CFCA has always had a Work with the Poor Ministry as one of its pillars. The establishment of Love in Action is one expression of how CFCA lives out its mission of bringing glad tidings to the poor. In 2021, Love in Action attained deductible gift recipient (DGR) status in Australia.
If you would like to know more about Love in Action including how to get involved, please leave a message here.

Mission Statement

  • Share the good news of Jesus by bringing glad tidings to the poor and supporting and empowering the less fortunate among our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

  • Engage active participation and contribution of all CFCA members to LIA activities and inspire them to live out our Core Value of bringing glad tidings to the poor

  • Inspire and transform the LIA beneficiaries to be valuable members of the society by working with them in alleviating them from poverty

  • Restore the human dignity and self-respect of our beneficiaries by helping them to be more independent and self-sufficient economically

  • Restore the health of our beneficiaries through our medical missions

Vision Statement
To be truly one with Jesus in alleviating poverty, to be His Hands, His Feet, His Heart, His Mind, and reach out to those who are most in urgent need amongst our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Love in Action officially started as an offshoot of CFCA’s Work with the Poor Ministry in July 2017 in Sydney to serve as its charitable arm. In May 2020, we registered our charity organisation under the name Love in Action Incorporated. It is a 100% not for profit organisation but still under the umbrella of the CFCA Global Mission Incorporated. On 19 November 2020, we got registered with the New South Wales Fair Trading, with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 4 January 2021, with the Australian Charities and Not-for Profit Commission on 25 May 2021 under the sub type Public Benevolent Institution, and finally with the Australian Taxation Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) entity on 9 June 2021. With our DGR status, all donations of $2.00 and above are tax deductible and all purchases made under the name of LIA are GST exempt. By now LIA is functioning as a legal entity subject to all the policies and regulations of the different government agencies that oversee the operations of charity organisations like ours.

We are still young and yet reached this far in our journey. Still so many things have yet to be done to make our organisation much better in all aspects of its operation. Also, lots of projects in the pipeline that were postponed due to this COVID-19 lockdown.

Love in Action is currently directly under the supervision and governance of the CFCA National Council. The CFCA National Council has appointed the following to the LIA Board for 2023:

  • Edwin Aguirre

  • Ed Cablao

  • Ric Manalac

  • Bobby Mathew

  • Jenny Mercado

  • Roslyn Rajasingam

  • George Silvino

The LIA Board of 2023 From left to right: Bobby Mathew, Edwin Aguirre, Roslyn Rajasingam, Jenny Mercado, George Silvino, Ric Manalac, Ed Cablao

The LIA leadership, administrative and management team is called the National LIA Core Group composed of leaders from CFCA as follows:​

  • LIA National Director: Ric & Glorious Manalac

  • LIA National Coordinators: Joven & Jenny Mercado

  • LIA Area Coordinators (NSW): Armando & Ching Andaya

  • LIA Area Coordinators (QLD): RJ & Leah Cortez

  • LIA Area Coordinators (SA): Gil & Rose Ninonuevo

  • LIA Area Coordinators (VIC): Bong & Miles Locsin

  • LIA Area Coordinators (WA): Joseph & Evelyn Paz

​LIA Area Coordinators in SA and WA are currently being handled by their respective Area Head.

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