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LIA & FM: Sausage Sizzle for a cause

Updated: Apr 2

By Bro. Jay & Sis. Vicky Ilagan, Family Ministry LIA Coordinator, 23 March 2024

“Today as in the past, liberating the poor, the oppressed and the persecuted is an integral part of the mission entrusted by God to the Church.”

(Pope Francis, Address to International Catholic Migration Commission)

The Love In Action NSW in collaboration with the NSW Family Ministry – YFC Central Cluster recently held an effortful but rewarding Sausage Sizzle Fundraising at Bunnings Marsden Park in NSW.

It was organised by the LIA Family Ministry Coordinators, Bro Jay and Sis Vicky Ilagan, working together with YFC Central Cluster Coordinators, Bro Sonny and Sis Rona Redoblado.

They were efficiently supported by the team of volunteers from the Love In Action Coordinators:

  • Bro. Benny/Sis. Tess Tonel

  • Bro. Rudy/Sis. Belle Longabella

  • Bro. Ric Cerrado and the NSW Family Ministry Coordinators, particularly Sis. Sen Custodia (HOLD) and Sis. Rubie Herrera (HOLD)

  • Bro. Delfin/Sis. May Dalusag (SFC Coordinator)

  • Bro. Jep/Sis. RoseVi Tungul and Sis. Ermi Acallar (YFC Coordinators)

  • Bro. Jun/Sis. Lei Lorente (KFC Coordinator)

  • Eoin, Ally and Josh Redoblado (YFC Volunteers)

  • Althea Margarette and Athena Fajardo (YFC Volunteer)

  • Paul, Kei, Em and Zoe (YFC Volunteers)

  • Bro. Owen/Sis. Daryl Onida assisted Bro. Sonny/Sis. Rona Redoblado in preparing the balance sheet for the final tally of the total fundraising sales

The whole NSW CFCA community remarkably showed their unified support to the fundraising by way of giving cash and in-kind donations.


It was indeed a wonderful immersion of the entire team of volunteers with the cooperative and combined efforts of both Ministries, which culminated with a gratifying and fulfilling result.

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