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Women's Office

Welcome to the Women’s Office.  The Women’s Office is a ministry of Couples for Christ Australia that caters to its women membership, namely CFCA Wives, Handmaids of the Lord members, young ladies of Singles for Christ and Youth for Christ (18 years old and above).  



During the AUSPAC Conference at the Gold Coast in 2015, while the CFCA National Council members, who were all men, were dining with the clergy, the Bishop commented that “it seemed the women are not represented in the group”. The NC members took this comment seriously.

After much thorough consideration and discussion, they came to recognise the need for a program that will cater specifically to women’s needs and acknowledge the vital contributions of the women membership in the CFCA community. In response to the Bishop’s suggestion, the NC members bid their wives to meet and discuss among themselves how a CFCA Women’s Group may be established.

In July 2015, at the NC meeting, the wives came up with a rationale upon which the CFCA women’s group is conceptualised. It is to “CELEBRATE US, WOMEN OF GOD, IN CFCA AND ITS FAMILY MINISTRIES”.



​The CFCA Women’s Group was created with the following objectives in mind:

  • To EMPOWER CFCA Women by developing their potential and utilising their God-given talents so they can fully support the vision, mission, life and culture of CFCA.

  • To KEEP UNITED all the CFCA women to promote harmony, peace and love within the community.

  • To FOSTER an active partnership between the women membership of CFCA and the National Council to further strengthen the sisters’ participation in the community.

In April 2016, during the CFCA AUSPAC Conference held in Melbourne, the CFCA Women’s Group was formally launched --- and is now known as CFCA Women’s Office.

Core Group Members

​The members of the Core Group have changed over time with the changes of the leaders elected in the National Council and the Area Heads.  As of the present, January 2022, the core members of the Women’s Office are the following: 
           Aster Aguirre (NSW)                                Alot Homires (QLD)
            Reinia Silvino (NSW)                              Glorious Manalac (QLD)
            Roslyn Rajasingam (NSW)                   Joh Cablao (VIC)
            Carol Cabrera (NSW)                            Malou San Jose (VIC)
            Norie Fajardo (NSW)                            Nel Tuason (SA)      
            Olive Gevana (WA)                                Liz Ryan (TAS)

Activities / Events

Activities or events are held to coincide with the International Women’s Day which is the first weekend of March. The first annual activity of the CFCA Women’s Office in NSW was held in March 2017. Concurrent activities were also held in different states. 

The highlights of these activities are the praise and worship conducted by women members and spiritual talks from various resource persons, either within the community or from the clergy and other religious organisations.  

All activities conducted focused on women’s interests and address women’s issues on health and wellbeing. Past activities included: workshops around beauty, body relaxation, flower arrangement, health and nutrition, rally against domestic violence, volunteering in charitable organisations, fundraising for the poor and well-participated “dancercise”. Many activities have been conducted in different states according to the needs and strengths of the members of the community.  

Looking Into The Future


The Women’s Office continues to represent the voices of the women membership of the CFCA community in the years to come. It will continue to encourage women to uphold the objectives and become strong advocates of women’s participation in the community life of CFCA. The Women’s Office will also raise up future women leaders through a leadership program to ensure the continuity and relevance of its vision and commitment as a vital ministry of CFCA.  

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