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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of Couples for Christ Australia (CFCA)! Whether you're a newcomer discovering our community offerings for the first time or a CFCA member seeking available resources, you've landed in the perfect spot.

- What is the URL of the CFCA website?


- What is the purpose of the CFCA website?
    It serves as the hub for our community.
    It acts as a communication support tool.


- What are the key features of the CFCA website?
    It provides the latest updates on activities from different states.
    It shares information about upcoming events.
    It hosts exclusive content and resources for CFCA members.


- Why should I choose to use the CFCA website?
    Utilising our CFCA website ensures that both current members and prospective ones can experience the          vibrant nature of our community.


- How can I access the CFCA website?
    For non-CFCA members, you can subscribe to receive the latest articles published on the website.
    CFCA members have the option to either subscribe or, for a more comprehensive experience, register as        website members to unlock exclusive content and diverse resources.

- How can I access CFCA manuals and documents?

    To view CFCA manuals and documents, you must hold the position of household leader or higher, which          requires signing up for website membership. You can find these resources on the "File Share" section of            the members page or by following this link.

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