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Women's Office Event in Victoria - On Self Love

CFCA Women’s Office (VIC) held its annual event last Saturday, 3 June 2023 at Banchory Community Centre in Hillside. The topic for this year is ‘Self-Love’ which is a very interesting and important topic for women.

We were blessed to have Dr Lerma CM Ung as our speaker for the day. Dr Ung is well known nationally and internationally on her work on mentorship and leadership. Her series of experiences include personal development, professional career development and is involved with projects on women’s social and economic empowerment. She is also the current president of PACE Inc and Khmer Women’s Society Inc.

Dr Ung explained what self-love is, its importance, how to attain and practice it, how it impacts on our personal life and those people around us. She also gave some powerful true to life experiences including her very own examples about self-love and shared it with the group. The participants raised some interesting questions which Dr Ung has addressed in detail.

As our final activity we had our sisters Ysay, Mabel and Myla facilitated a fun activity shared to our group.

Despite the rain during the day, we were blessed to have a good turn out of participants and had a lot of learning, fun and entertainment.

Thank you Lord for a wonderful event and your blessing on the day.

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