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A) Recent projects completed:


  • Chapter Leaders Manual

  • Unit Leaders Manual

  • Household Leaders Manual

  • CLP Team Leaders Guide

  • Christian Life Program Manual

  • Work with the Poor Manual

  • Service Meeting Templates

- Cluster Household

- Chapter Household

- Unit Household


  • Family Ministries Awareness Handbook

- KFCA Manual

- YFCA Manual

- SFCA Manual

- HOLD Manual

- SOLD Manual

B) Ongoing projects (for completion end of 2021)

  1. CFCA Information and Awareness Handbook

  2. CFCA Finance Policies and Procedures

  3. Love in Action: - Operational Policies and Procedures - Risk, Control and Compliance Matrix

  4. Evangelisation and Mission: - The How’s of Evangelisation

  5. Talks for: - 2022 Evangelisation Rally - 2022 Leaders Forum

  6. Bible passages and reflections for HH Meetings relating to the 2022 theme.

C) Plans for 2022:

  1. Develop Programs and Teachings for Senior Members

  2. Develop programs and talks for quarterly PFTs

  3. Develop and organise Spiritual Retreat for members and leaders

  4. Develop new formation teachings for FM Coordinators

  5. Develop teachings on Spiritual Gifts for members and leaders

  6. Develop new training programs for leaders and speakers

  7. Develop training materials for Pastoral Care and Basic Discernment and Decision Making Skills for members and leaders

  8. Talks for the April 2022 National Conference

D) Ongoing

  1. Review of existing FM’s formation teachings

  2. Review of existing CFCA Training and Formation Teachings

  3. Attend to other requests relating to Pastoral Care and Support from the National Council, Local Area Council, LIA Inc Directorate, Family Ministries Coordinators, Area Heads, Cluster Heads and Chapter Heads that may be received by the PCS team from time to time.

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