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“Children are a real gift from the Lord. They are a real blessing” (Psalm 127:3)

CFCA Kids for Christ is one of the Ministries within the Family Ministries of Couples For Christ Australia (CFCA). It is a means of supporting CFCA’s mission of bringing families back to the plan of God by providing an environment that would assist the CFCA parents in fulfilling this mission. 

​CFCA Kids for Christ believes that…

  • Children have a special place in God’s heart.

  • Children can grow in their love and trust for God through meaningful relationships with their parents, siblings and peers.

  • The pre-teen stage of a child’s life consists of the crucial formative and cognitive years and it is important that at their age they are taught of Christian values and attitudes in order for them to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and neighbours.

  • Children need a healthy understanding of themselves, their uniqueness, talents and individual traits which may be enhanced by their parents as primary role models and by the YFCA Leaders and KFCA Couple Coordinators being their secondary parents and role models.

  • Children’s God-given talents need to be recognised and nurtured in a healthy Christian environment that is fun-loving and life-giving to better prepare them for the future

  • Children need to be raised in an authentic Christian community so that they may be guided in their life journey for them to see how they will fit within their own family, society and the church.

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