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CFCA  Servants of the Lord caters for men over 36 years of age – singles, widowers, divorced, separated or married men who are living apart from their wives and/or children or whose wives, for some reason, are not ready or unwilling to join CFCA with them.

CFCA  Servants of the Lord also aims to support the mission and vision of Couples for Christ Australia and shares a common culture and charism. This Ministry exists to provide an authentic Christian environment for its leaders and members to honour God through a life of holiness, to empower them to act in humble service to their respective families, to encourage them to relate in joy with their family members, members pf the community and the church and to testify to God’s love.

CFCA Servants of the Lord is a work of Christ which raises up Christian men who are committed to the work of personal transformation, evangelisation and renewal among their peers winning them for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, with St Joseph as their model.

The programmes and activities of the CFCA SOLD Ministry help the members and leaders be equipped to be able to deal with the challenges of life and for them to find their rightful place in the family, society and the Church. 

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