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KFCA QLD Junior Kids Day

One fine Saturday in Queensland, we had the KFCA Junior Kids Day and I reckon that it was more than fine! I was in awe of the whole service team, parents and KFCs.  Indeed, everybody contributed to a very successful Junior Kids Day.

Family Ministries and their service households were in full force and as usual just happy to be serving. It still always surprises and humbles me to see a group of busy people taking time out just to be present and help in executing such an event. From the planning and  preparations, we all worked like a well oiled machine. The support from the Chapters and the Cluster is just overwhelming.

The YFCA service team was altogether on a whole new level. These teens were just amazing. I couldn't help but be proud of them! Have I mentioned that these YFCs were also KFCs under my wing? Not to reveal my age 🙂 but I must say that they have bloomed into fine young people. Dedicating their time and talent amidst their busy student life to serve the Lord! Everyone indeed were on the top of their game. All the speakers did it for the first time and it seemed that they were very seasoned. The music ministry and the facilitators were a delight to the KFCs.

The laughter and the giggling sounds in the venue were a clear indication for me that it was indeed a great day for our KFCs. The talks focused on God’s love for each one of us and how we can always talk to God by praying. It also taught them that to love God, you have to make others happy. A very big task for a KFC I suppose! We might not see it immediately but if we all persevere and pray for our KFCs, I'm confident that just like their ate’s and kuya’s from YFCA, we will see a new breed of leaders and just fine good people.  We are indeed underway into renewing the face of the earth!

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