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7 Godly Habits: First National SFCA Quarterly Catch Up for 2024

On 13th March, SFCA Queensland hosted our first nationwide quarterly catch up for 2024 and learnt about the ‘7 Godly Habits’! The night was filled with joy, laughter, inspiration, knowledge and much more, as 30+ young adults gathered to learn about living a Godly life.

We thank our speakers Charmi, Miguel, Denzell, Hannah and Krizia for putting the time and effort in preparing and delivering such beautiful talks and to our sharers Relvee and Tiaryss for being vulnerable and courageous in sharing their testimonies with experiencing one of the Godly habits. Of course thank you to everyone who joined us on this night, especially our fellow interstate brothers and sisters as your presence made it all special and possible and to the CCs! Shoutout to our QLD fam too for supporting us.

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