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HOLD Qld Kick Off the Year with Fervor and Fellowship

Updated: Feb 27

by Cristy Vecchio

The Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD) ministry in Queensland wasted no time diving into the new year with prayer, fellowship, and a commitment to evangelisation. As January unfolded, households commenced their prayer meetings early, setting a spiritual tone for the months ahead.

One standout event that marked the beginning of the year was a delightful shared lunch gathering hosted by yours truly. Amidst laughter and camaraderie, attendees enjoyed delicious food and engaging games, reinforcing the bonds of friendship that characterise the HOLD community.

Some of us took part in the celebration of Australia Day. Our HOLD ministry was in charge of the mass celebration. It was a pleasure to give back to our wonderful country, Australia, that gave so much to each one of us.

The momentum continued with the highly anticipated evangelization rally, which witnessed an impressive turnout. The presence of the HOLD ministry, affectionately referred to as the "yellow army," was unmissable. It was a day filled with inspiration and purpose, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

Looking ahead, the Handmaids of the Lord in Queensland are gearing up for two significant events in the coming months. Firstly, preparations are underway for the HOLD leaders' retreat, where leaders will gather for spiritual rejuvenation and strategic planning to guide the community forward. Additionally, as Easter approaches, members eagerly anticipate a time of reflection and renewal, deepening their connection to the core values of their faith.

Excitement is also brewing for the upcoming conference scheduled for April in Sydney. Delegates from Queensland are eagerly anticipating this gathering, recognising it as an invaluable opportunity for learning, networking, and furthering their mission of spreading God's word.

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