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Announcement: Two testimonial books of Sis Lyn Pangilinan

Two testimonial books of Sis Lyn Pangilinan are for sale this coming NATCON 2024! Proceeds will go to our Love In Action (LIA).

Book 1: ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD THROUGH DREAMS and VISIONS - author’s testimonials of God’s messages in sleep.

Book 2:  46 YEARS AFTER … “THE SIGN” – author’s remarkable revelation of her inspiring life story on faith, love, marriage, family, and purpose in life.

“Nihil Obstat” Published with Ecclesiastical Approval by Fr Wim Hoekstra, Censor Deputatus, Diocese of Parramatta

Only 25 copies of Book 1 and 25 copies of Book 2 are available! First come, first served basis applies. Cost $20@

Those who are interested to order, please email with your details. The book will be picked up at the NATCON venue -LIA corner.

See you there! God bless!

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