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A mission for the Lord

By Rose Ampon and Jocelyn Celestino

North 2 chapter in NSW is on a mission, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to renew and strengthen the Christian family in East Maitland. This started with a request from Fr. George Anthicad, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph’s Church, East Maitland, NSW. Before serving at East Maitland, Fr. George was assigned in the parish of Taree & Wingham in NSW. While in Taree, Fr. George met and worked with members of CFCA. He was very supportive, and he was also getting a lot of support from CFCA.

In the chapter’s planning meeting in November 2022, Maitland was included to be one of the parishes to have a Christian Life Program.  There was also a need to give support to the unit in Newcastle so they can grow in numbers and have more workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Fr. George offered the parish hall as the venue of the planning meeting so that the leaders will have an idea of what St. Joseph’s look like.

Last November 2023, Newcastle celebrated their 25th anniversary and Fr George was the one who officiated the Mass. He again reiterated his support to CFCA and gave his encouragement to have a CLP there.

So, in February 2024, some members of the Chapter along with the North Cluster, Chapter and Unit Heads travelled to East Maitland and served morning tea after the Sunday morning mass. Mid-March saw them going back to St. Joseph’s to sing as a choir at the Saturday Vigil Mass. In both events, they were warmly received by the parishioners, and some, by themselves or with their young family, were even keen to get involved in the choir.

After those initial meetings, continuous encouragement from Fr. George and lots of discernment and prayers, a Mission Team from Sydney, with the support from our brethren in Newcastle, has been formed. Even if it took two years to get something started, we fixed our eyes on Jesus, pressed on and with God’s grace will bear fruit for Him.

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