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A fundraising event for the Katutubo Community in Paracale, Camarines Norte

By Armand Andaya, Over-all Coordinator, LIA NSW


Love in Action NSW did a Dinner Dance fund raising event last 17 February at St John's Bowling Club for the benefit of the Katutubo community in Paracale, Camarines Norte. It was a well-attended party with almost all of the 300 printed tickets sold to the members and friends of the CFCA Community. A total of $13,600+ net of expenses was raised which will be used to fund part of our NSW State Project for the year 2024.


The Katutubo Community Project involves the provision of a brand-new car facility that will transport the Katutubo students from where they live at the foot of the mountain to the school where they usually walk 4 to 10 kms every school day. The big problem is when it is too hot or raining. Hopefully, the provision of a reliable transport facility will help a lot and improve school attendance. Additionally, LIA will also help fund the feeding program of the school where the students are being fed breakfast and lunch every school day as not much food is available at home. LIA also plans to put up facilities for a school toilet, kitchen and one additional classroom. It is estimated that we will need around $45,000.00 to complete all those planned facilities. Our target to provide the transport is on or before end of June 2024. It is for this reason that we are continuously doing different fund-raising initiatives. 


We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks and gratitude for the unwavering support that our community and friends are extending to our Love in Action. All for the praise and glory of God.

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