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NSW YFC Central Camp

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

​The YFCA Central - Camp Haven was held at Carmel House Varroville NSW on 5-7th May 2023 which marked the first YFCA entry camp for the year for the Central Cluster. We were blessed to have had 8 new graduates and 23 Service Team members including YFCA Couple coordinators attending. Many experiencing for the first time a variety of things. Some members giving their first talks and sharing in YFCA as well as leading praise and worship for the first time. The first time to team lead. The first time to facilitate. For others it was the first time to be away from home. It was the first time to say the rosary. The first time to perform in front of others. While other YFCA Service team also experienced the very task of washing dishes for the very first time. As each member stepped up to contribute, to learn, to give, to love we watched them grow. The great thing about this camp was that the smaller group fostered a feeling of being able to get to know each other better. As couple coordinators we enjoyed seeing the love that was being shared among the group. With each camp we participate in we ourselves continue to grow spiritually and learn to grow and become a little wiser. It is because of them the Youth for Christ that give us the energy and passion that we continue to serve Him! May God be Praised!

- Daryl Onida

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