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National Project for 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Every year, the LIA runs a national project to raise funds for a beneficiary proposed by the National LIA Core Group (NLCG) and approved by the CFCA National Council. For 2023, LIA will conduct a comprehens

ive Medical Mission in the town of Loay in Bohol, Philippines on 20th and 21st May 2023. The town of Loay is a fifth-class municipality and is inhabited by very poor families who have very little access to medical care. The families in Loay are worthy beneficiaries of our Medical Mission.

The Medical Mission includes the provision of medical, dental, optical, and pre-natal assessment as well as associated procedures as deemed necessary. We will also be providing free medicine, mobility equipment (wheelchairs and strollers), and reading eyeglasses. Additionally, we will conduct a feeding program and the provision of nutritional supplements to children and adults.

All volunteers from CFCA will pay for their personal expenses including airfares. They will not use a single cent from the funds raised through this project. Also, the municipality of Loay has generously offered to host the CFCA volunteers during the two-day Medical Mission.

For 2023, the NLCG decided to forego the national raffle as the primary means for raising funds for the national project. The LIA Coordinators have taken on the challenge to find other ways to raise funds that make full use of LIA's DGR status.

You can now donate to LIA using the DONATE NOW button on LIA page and select "2023 LIA National Project" from the dropdown list.

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