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CFCA HOLD SA “Pamper Your Mum” Fundraising Night

Greetings to everyone, CFCA HOLD SA will host/have “Pamper Your Mum” Fundraising Night this coming 11th of May Saturday 5:00 to 9:00pm, to be held at John Paul ll Hall 71 Shepherdson Road Parafield Gardens.

And in order to achieve our goals and continue to make a difference in the lives of those we serve, everyone is encouraged and invited to join us together with your friends and families. We would also appreciate volunteers to support the committees for the event and your kind and heartfelt donations are more than welcome.

There will be exciting activities like live band/music, dancing, bazaar, food and a special Pageant/ Presentation and Awarding of our Super Mum of the year 2024, starts at 7:00pm which is the highlight of the event.

The ticket will cost $25 pp that includes a packed meal and a chance to win a prize from the Raffle draws. If you're unable to attend, you also have the option to donate. Tickets can be purchased online via the link below.

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