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HOLD SA Update

Updated: Feb 27

by Margarita McMahon

The handmaids in South Australia started their New Year’s gathering with the Evangelisation Training on the 28th January 2024. Despite of the holiday breaks, birthday celebrations, overseas travel of members, we persisted to gather to inspire a handful of handmaids to evangelise and invite participants to our HOLD CLP commencing 4th Feb 2024. That persistence paid off because the Lord blessed us with 16 participants! This sounded unbelievably good because for years we never had this many participants at our CLP’s, but we remained faithful and kept doing it again and again even during COVID times (2020 to 2022). We can never outdo God’s generosity when we remain faithful to His work of sharing the good news.

Our ongoing HOLD CLP is led by our HOLD Unit Head, Angela Zakarias, who selflessly organised it with the support of the HOLD Leadership team in SA. The handmaids & CFCA wives actively invited couples, singles , widows, divorced and everyone they know at their parishes, workplace, social circles, family to attend this Christian Life Program at Holy Trinity Hall at Para Hills (north of Adelaide). This parish has also helped us advertise our CLP in their bulletin.

It is interesting to note that the 16 participants originated from the different parts of the world. To break this down we have 6 HOLD participants with 1 Australian, 1 Ethiopian & 4 Filipinas. We have 1 SOLD participant from Colombia. The 3 couple participants are from Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and El Salvador. God loves variety and indeed He provides us with people from various background and culture, drawn together under one belief!

The presence of music ministry from CFCA in the north of South Australia, has uplifted the atmosphere of the HOLD CLP. Live music certainly makes a difference! The presence of Fr Laszlo, a holy Hungarian/ Australian priest, has been giving awesome talks as well as offering sacrament of confession to those who are ready to receive it.

We are in the third session of our CLP as at 18 Feb and so far we have been praying that our participants will continue to walk with us in our transformation in Christ. We have been commanded by Jesus to share the gospel to others and CLP is the greatest program, the greatest gift we can give to the church. We encourage every unit in our community all over Australia to conduct at least one CLP every year ,so we can reach to as many people as we can and experience that joy only God can give. Let’s keep planting the seeds and let God grow them in the hearts of the people we evangelise!

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