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SFCA/YFCA QLD Sportsfest 2024

The SFCA/YFCA highly anticipated Sportsfest 2024 was held on 13 January 2024 at Hibiscus Sports complex. It was a day filled with friendly and good spirited fun, competition and fellowship. Everyone made sure not to miss out by joining in competitive sports from BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL and recreational sports including DODGEBALL, TUG-OF-WAR and much more.

The teams: Red- Fire Nation, Blue-Water Tribe, Green-Earth Kingdom, White -Air Nomads. Just as these elements need to be in harmonious balance for our existence all the teams battled in harmony which not only brought out the best in every team but also solidified the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

There’s a whole bunch of guests who were showered with some love and inclusivity by all.

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