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KFC Ministry Victoria

(Acting) KFC Ministry Coordinators, Greg and Meybs Ifurung have been busy providing lots of activities to engage children in service and worship through music, fostering love for praising God and building a strong faith foundation.  

Prior to their appointment as KFC Ministry Coordinators, they are the Southwest KFC Coordinators and currently waiting for their replacement. Inspired and trained by our previous KFC Coordinators Noel and Eva Olivar who served as KFC Coordinators for over 20 years, they show great passion and commitment in their current role.

In the Southwest Chapter, Greg and Meybs together with other devoted couple coordinators selflessly give their time building the kids ministry. They do this through children’s contribution during Sunday masses offering songs and hymns which deepens their understanding of service, worship, and faith.  They also conduct mini-Bible teaching focusing on topics such as obedience, how to pray and other values and lessons aligned with the KFCA activity guide.

The annual activities for all Kids for Christ Victoria include Sports Day, Easter Fun Run & Egg Hunting, Mothers' Day and CFCA's anniversary performances, Talent Show, Fathers' Day and Kids Camp.


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