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Members Area

Step into the members' area, where you'll find access to CFCA manuals, groups, forums, and galleries. This is a designated section, reserved exclusively for CFCA community members. In this area, members are offered various resources and features that are not accessible to non-members. 

Keeping accounts


The file-sharing feature enhances collaboration and facilitates the seamless distribution of relevant materials among members. This section serves as a repository for CFCA manuals and guidelines, while also providing a storage facility for reports and database files."


The platform highlights the existence of exclusive member-only groups, forming communities of like-minded individuals sharing common interests within the CFCA community. In these groups, members can actively and privately participate in discussions, collaborate, and exchange ideas or experiences. Moreover, you have the option to create private groups specifically for your household.

Support group
Business Conference


This indicates the presence of online discussion forums within the members' area. These forums provide spaces where CFCA members can initiate or join discussions on diverse topics, seek prayer request or advice, and engage with other members in a more interactive and dynamic manner.


These are compilation or showcase of content, including images, music, videos, or other media, that is exclusively accessible to CFCA members. These galleries grant access to our archived events and exclusive CFCA media that is not available to the general public.

Art Exhibit
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