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Evangelisation Rally on a hot QLD day

The CFCA Queensland Evangelisation Rally held on 3rd of February 2024, brought together our community in a celebration of faith, featuring two dynamic speakers who left a lasting impact on the attendees. Charismatic and well spoken Sis Christine (Honey) Umali and very informative Bro Raj Rajasingam, CFCA Evangelisation and Mission Director, delivered inspiring messages that resonated with the hearts of all present.

This year’s theme - Fix your eyes on Jesus, Press on, Bear fruit - is very timely in our very busy lifestyle. With the constant distractions in our lives, it’s time to now FOCUS ourselves to our faithful God and share His great news to others.

One of the highlights of the event was the sharing of the new graduates from CFCA and Family Ministries. It is so wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit moves these courageous sharers where they convey their experiences in front of our community for the first time!

A powerful Praise and Worship, skilfully led by Bro JJ Jeremias and the vibrant, diverse band with reps from YFCA, SFCA and CFCA, directed by the talented Bro Boy Aldana, created an atmosphere of joy and spiritual connection, emphasising the importance of music in fostering a sense of unity within the community.

Bro Ric Manalac, our Area Head, delivered a comprehensive report despite having limited time to present it.

The heart of the rally was a touching Mass led by Fr Mikhael Loke, SVD. His homily, filled with wisdom and compassion, moved the congregation, reinforcing the significance of the Family Ministries in our community. Fr Loke's words highlighted the role of families in nurturing faith and creating a foundation of love that extends beyond individual households.

The rally was not only a spiritual gathering but also a demonstration of generosity. Attendees participated in the collection of First Fruits, showing their commitment to supporting the community's plans and goals. A fundraising raffle for the benefit of the YFCA & SFCA NatCon that QLD will be hosting later this year added an element of excitement and encouraged contributions from the attendees, further strengthening the sense of community and shared purpose.

The success of the CFCA Evangelisation Rally was a testament to the collaborative efforts of everyone involved. From our leaders, the inspiring speakers, to the talented musicians, the heartfelt contributions of the community and those brothers and sisters in the background who worked tirelessly, played a crucial role in creating a memorable and uplifting experience. As the event concluded, the echoes of gratitude filled the air, acknowledging the collective effort that made the rally a true celebration of faith, family, and community.

May the blessings bestowed upon our CFCA community continue to inspire and uplift, fostering a sense of unity that transcends the boundaries of individual families and extends to the entire community and others. May God be praised!

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