Couples for Christ Australia (CFCA) shares a common vision:
Take up the very mission of Jesus to bring glad tidings to the poor.

Its members have a mutual understanding of this vision.

We have a common and agreed goals which establish the basis from which our programs, policies and practices are developed and implemented.

Pastoral care and support is provided to all individuals in our community, acting in strong partnerships with Christian families, parish priests and parish councils.

We offer pastoral formation programs created for each specific ministry.

Kids for Christ (KFC)

Children desire to draw near to God but need the loving guidance of parents, as well as the inner guidance of the Holy Spirit to nurture their relationship with Jesus.

Kids For Christ (KFC) provides a Catholic-centred Christian environment for children of CFC members aged 5 to 11 years in which they experience fun activities with other children of the same age groups and also form an authentic faithful relationship with God through faith-centred activities.

The kids are divided into two age groups – the Junior Kids (ages 5-8 years old) and the Senior Kids (ages 9-11 years old).

Youth for Christ (YFC)

YFC gives the young teenagers between 12-17 years of age the opportunity to recognise that they are being called by God to be active instruments in renewing the face of the earth by following the example of Jesus Christ.

It has come to the fore that the youth can be effective partners in mission and evangelisation, and in fact crucial to the future of God’s work here in Australia and the neighbouring South Pacific nations.  They can be instruments of change in the society and the lives of people around them by being good examples and effective Christian witnesses.

YFC is Fun; it builds Friendships; it enhances the Faith and allows the young to express themselves Freely but responsibly.

YFC has its yearly International Mission Conference for which over 500 members all over Australia and the South Pacific nations gather to celebrate God’s goodness.

Singles for Christ (SFC)

SFC is a ministry for single men and women aged 18-35 years old. It provides a Catholic-centred Christian support environment to help the single men and women of Australia to live meaningful, happy and productive lives, with Jesus Christ as their model.

Given the formidable obstacles that they faced in the modern society, a renewed personal relationship with Jesus and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit are paramount for them to spread and defend the faith both by word and deed as true witnesses of Christ.

SFC exists to provide an environment for single men and women to

  • prepare themselves for the next stage of  their lives, either choosing between marriage, religious vocation or single life in total dedication to the Lord;
  • learn to live fruitful lives and succeed in their chosen work or profession without sacrificing their Christian values taught at home, in school and the church; and
  • meet individuals who share the same faith and passion to serve God and others.

SFC has its monthly gatherings, teachings, trainings and workshops as part of their yearly activities and the International Mission Conference, held every year, attended by SFC’s all over Australia and the SFC’s of the South Pacific nations like Fiji and Solomon Islands.

Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD)

HOLD is a ministry for women who are single parents, separated or divorced, unmarried mature singles or married with husbands not a member of CFC and widows.  HOLD has a vision parallel to CFC to bring all families into a life of renewal in the Holy Spirit.

With HOLD, many women have been transformed from being lonely and broken, to living joyful and productive lives and became evangelisers to other women of their kind.  The presence of Jesus Christ in their lives and their being part of a strong and vibrant Catholic centred Christian community have brought them to give one’s life to Him in discipleship and service.

Servants of the Lord (SOLD)

SOLD is a ministry for men who are single parents (either separated or divorced or widowers), unmarried mature singles or married with wives not a member of CFC or of a different denomination.

Through SOLD, mature men can experience the Lord working with them and through them as the Holy Spirit empowers them to fully experience a life of joy and fulfilment in spite of their situation.

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